Fertilizer Act

Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority -TFRA was established under The Fertilizer Act No. 9 of 2009 in May 2012. TFRA is under the Ministry of Agriculture  and was given the responsibility of making provision for regulation of manufacturing, exportation, sale and utilization of fertilizers. The establishment of TFRA repeals the Fertilizer and Animal Food stuffs Act, Cap. 378. The authority was also entrusted with safeguarding farming community from procuring poor quality fertilizers from fertilize dealers.

The Fertilizer Act was amended in 2014 to give more power to the authority on controlling fertilizer and fertilizer supplements in the country.

Fertilizer Act: FERTILIZER ACT No 9 of 2009.pdf

Amendment of the Fertilizer Act: AMENDMENT OF THE FERTILIZER ACT, (CAP.378) 1 of 2014.pdf

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Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
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